A meeting with the world

For years and years I heard people speak about this so called Thailand filled with perfect islands and amazing beaches. I was curious to what this was all about and wanted to explorer on my own. Me and some friends decided to buy a ticket in march last year, this would be my first time leaving Europe. We landed in Bangkok and I knew it was a big city with no beaches or islands close by. When we first arrived we jumped in a taxi, put our stuff in the hotel and took a taxi to a market street close by. My first feeling when I came down town was not good at all, it was all gray because of all the pollution and I could sense the smell of trash and food everywhere we walked. It was so dirty that I couldn’t believe my own eyes, trash everywhere, kids laying alone in the street, dogs everywhere, a guy with no legs grabbing my foot, lady boys, hookers, people high on crystal meth and last but not least a dead tourists lying in front of a bar. For me this was way out of my comfort zone and I found it kind of terrifying. At that point I couldn’t really understand what people meant when they spoke about Thailand as it was paradise, and was asking my self who want’s to bring their families to a place like this?


After spending five days in Bangkok I couldn’t wait to leave, hopefully it wasn’t this chaotic in the south. We took the bus down to a place called Khao Lak which they told us would take about ten hours. We jumped on the bus and was happily on our way down south to paradise, but the ride wasn’t problem free as it usually isn’t in Asia. The bus got stopped around five times by the military, they where looking for somebody. The last time they came they finally found something they where looking for, a bag with several guns. For me that was kind of strange, but they handcuffed the passengers and took them out of the bus, five minutes later we had all forgotten about it. After fifteen hours we arrived in Khao Lak, it was pitch dark outside and no cars around. First I thought we might have a problem because we needed to get to the pier so we could take the boat over to Koh Kha Kao. Luckily a Tuktuk drove passed and we got to the island and the resort we where staying at. The next day we woke up to a beautiful sunny day, and this morning I understood what all the fuss was about.


After a week on Koh Ka Koh we decided to go to Krabi and then to the well known party island Koh Phangan to join full moon party. Krabi and Koh Phangan was like Ying and Yang. Krabi was lovely, the beaches, islands and the nature was spectacular, words can not describe it’s beauty, this was a place for relaxation.


Koh Phangan on the other hand was totally different, this was a place to party and take drugs. There was a new party every night, black moon, shiva moon, half moon, jungel party, waterfall party, pool party and of course the greatest of them all THE ORIGINAL FULL MOON PARTY. After spending two weeks of the vacation on relaxing I was really looking forward to party for a changed. When we arrived at the beach on full moon it was filled with people in neon colored shorts, singlets and painting in their face screaming for a crazy night. Surprisingly many where taking mushroom shakes and other types of drugs. For me coming from an environment with no drugs involved I thought it was strange to see that it was so easily available, you could by a mushroom shake in one of the local bars on the beach. It didn’t take long before I understood that the bars where working with the police, paying them some cash so they can continue selling drugs. They even had this so called Eden party which was a MDMA party just a boat ride away. Out of curiosity we where suppose to check it out, but we never got that far and it was probably for the best. I wouldn’t take any drugs, but still.


Three weeks in a country like this was a real eye opener, it was sad seeing so many people struggling to make a living, but it made me realize how lucky I am coming from Norway. I honestly think that people coming from well developed countries such as Norway really should explorer the world more often and get to know people from other cultures. It’s important to learn about other humans and how they live.

A meeting with the world

Reaching for something new

Hello everyone, as you all can see this is my first post. I decided to make this blog because I love being able to express myself in words and know that writing a blog is a great way of doing that.

I’m a smiling 21 year old girl from a small town in Norway called Haugesund, well, at least smiling most of the time. As a person people would describe me as very restless, I always wanna do something new and honestly have a hard time settling down. In many ways I would say that my family is not a big fan of that because they just want me to settle down safe and sounds in one place, but the problem is that I’m still not sure what I wanna do with my life.

First of all I love to travel and explore the world, there is nothing greater than getting to know people from a different culture than you’r own or exploring the beautiful nature surrounding us. My biggest dream would be to do something for humans or animals because it’s two of my biggest passions except from the ocean which I’m also a big fan of.

At the moment I’m using my time on working in a nursing home as an assistant, training and of course trying to figure out what I wanna do with my life.

Hopefully any of you guys wanna read my blog and you can also follow me on instagram (odafagerland).


PS: Just have to say sorry if there is any misspellings, my main language is Norwegian so my English writing is not 100%, but I hope  writing this blog would help me improve that.

Reaching for something new